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Gregory Cowley
Concept | Engineering | Imaging

Kaveh Soofi
 Imaging | Editing | Video

Scott Arford
Sound | Architecture








TEST: is a collaborative arts group dedicated to using projection in performance and installation. Artists Gregory Cowley, Scott Arford, and Kaveh Soofi have combined their backgrounds in visual arts, sound, electronics, programming, architecture, and performance to create all-encompassing time-based environments out of light and sound. These spectacles manipulate the cinematic elements of sound, image, and narrative in order to confront the viewer with a visceral kind of visual experience.

Each performance is an exercise in the loud and dynamic. Synchronized banks of projectors are used to project, animate, and transform static images into simple forms of perceptual continuity. Multiple banks of projectors are controlled by custom-built circuitry and mechanics, allowing dense fields of photographs, images and sounds to be flood into the performance space.

TEST: has often worked with dance and theater groups, with the specific intention of confusing the boundaries between the realms of performance and visual art. The intersection of these forms is further complicated by the role of technology, which is central to the resulting artwork. Although the evolutionary goal of technology is to make itself transparent, TEST: embraces the overt and opaque qualities of mechanized imagery. This focus on the process of technology allows for a closer association with the notions of time and the tangible.

Ultimately, TEST: strives to create work that makes dynamic use of sight, sound, and space.




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