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Test: Kinesis-A Strategy of Motion


" a site-specific experiment, where the static and kinetic are forced to coexist in a volatile sensory environment. Striking a balance between visual harmony and cognitive dissonance, this environment aims to reconstruct perceptual experience in a physical context. Test: relies on a frenetic array of technology to project animated sequences of still photographs. As the distinctions between the still image and motion picture become less obvious, streams of new visual patterns and narratives begin to emerge. Dense fields of sound are then generated live, transforming perception into visceral sensation. These elements in unison create intricately textured meanings based on forceful juxtaposition. Test: Kinesis-A Strategy of Motion is our latest installation-performance, focused on piercing the threshold of sense and cognition. "

Kinesis was the first experiment with using animated slide sequences. The control system involved a composed score that was created using Macromedia Director. This score played through a serial interface which controlled a bank of relays to trigger the forward and reverse actions of the individual slide projectors. 2 screens were used for the slide images with a 3rd screen in the middle showing a video textural layer.

Kinesis debuted at Cell Space in San Francisco. It's structure used 2 screens at oposite ends of the room to ensure different experience for different audience members.




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