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Geometrics: description | documentation
Geomerics is a departture from the slide image as a photograph. The kinetic nature of projecting slide sequences was exploited and the imagery consisted of black and white shapes.

Pendulum: description | documentation  
In order to furthor "spacialize" the animation process, Pendulum was born to explore animated motion accross adjacent screens.

FireFly: description | documentation  
FireFly was the first departure from realistic slide images, and into a more abstract performance of saturated color and strobing light.

Kinesis - A Strategy of Motion: description | documentation  
While playing with the motor-wind on my 35mm Nikon, I wondered if I could "film" objects in motion by holding down the shutter release. The camera could take 4 shots per second, and if I could trigger 4 slide projectors at the same rate, the action could be replayed. The concept worked and Kinesis was presented as a 20 minute performance using 3 screens, 8 slide projectors and a video component.

0-800 RPM: description | documentation  
The first incarnaton and creation of the TEST: members. The design of the space used 8 screens and 8 slide projectors in a circular format. The imagery was made up of over 1600 images that I had shot in 30 different countries. It was presented in an installation format with the sound and projector controls running from a single Macintosh computer.

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