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TEST: Geometrics


Geometrics is a distillation of animation down to it's simplist form as mere shape and light. The composition was developed to exploit the rhythms and patterns that could be developed from an array of 12 slide projectors directed towards 3 screens.

The majority of the imagery used depicted stark black and white geometric shapes, siloueted figures, and color fields, all in motion sequences. In the realm of projection, black and white becomes light and no-light. The piece syncronized this strobing of light with a musical score of heavily processed mechanical drones and rhythms.

From the techinical point of view each control system - sound and slice - allowed for the live manipulation of the looping material. The show is operated by 2 people, one on sound and the other on slide control. A communication must be maintained between the two performers in order for the other to aniticipate changes in the visual or audio sequence.

The piece debuted at the New Fangle exhibition event curated by Gen Arts in San Francisco.


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