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TEST: FireFly


While previous incarnations of TEST: compositions involved the recreation of recorded time and space, FireFly is the first show in the series to use created time and space. The visual material collected for the show used the step-frame animation technique in which objects were aranged in fron of the camera, shot, rearranged, and shot again. Most of the images for the show are close ups of everyday items recontextualized with saturated lighting to become something else. The images take on life when rapidly presented as a continuous sequence.

Not all the images are closeups however. The title of the piece comes from a series of photos shot of a burning building, and also an oil well fire in Southern California - both shot at night. These photos were not taken in seqence, but were later composed together to for a frenzied otherworld of fire and darkness.

FireFly uses 8 slide projectors and one video projector over 3 screens. The audio is meant to be a loud and disorienting collection of industrial rhythms and static voices. Robotic mirrors and rotating platforms for the projectors are used to remove the images from the confines of the screens and spread them around the space at key points during the show.



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