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Test: 0-800 RPM


... is an exploration into the speed of human comprehension.

Born from the concept of experiences over time as separate Realities Per Minute,Test: 0-800 RPM generates separate images and sound to challenge the limits of one's ability to perceive. In a kinetic synthesized "near death experience", memories are quickly riffled through to create a new reality. A reality of experiencing other realities.

8 slide projectors, 1 video projector and a sound system are to create a 360° fully immersive sensory environment. A pulsing dream which locates the viewer at the center of the experience. It is up to viewer to actively create his or her own experience from the accelerating Realities Per Minute. It is a opportunity to recalibrate ones own cognitive perceptive matrix.

Images from around the world are used to relate the experience. Moments in time that coexist with our present reality, yet are beyond the limits of our perception and culture. Each photograph is an encapsulation of an event with it's own self-contained history. As individual pieces they have a power of their own, but build into a greater and more complex whole.

The sounds are also created from elements taken from the world around us. Radically altered field recordings and machine generated noises are used to create new auditory landscapes to be filled with new emotions and memories. The soundtrack is made of layered loops and samples to establish rhythms for the projectors will keep tempo with. As the show progresses these loops overlap to create more complex auditory sensations.
The show lasts for approximately 20 minutes.




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