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Gregory Cowley


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Gregory Cowley graduated from the University of the Pacific in 1992 with a BFA in Graphic Design, skills in photography and painting, and a deep lust for world travel. He began his work in San Francisco working with photo-imaging and technologies developed for the design industry. Since then he has added digital animation and multimedia development to his on-going work in the traditional arts. Outside of his studio work, Gregory has spent three years traveling around the world as a photographer. He has collected images from over thirty countries. It was out of his desire to share these images in a form beyond that of travelogue slide-show that inspired him to form TEST:. Gregory’s photography work has appeared in WIRED magazine. He has had numerous solo shows of his paintings, photography and digital images. Gregory is Co-Producer of motionovertime, a dance and digital imagery performance project, and Transcinema, an annual San Francisco electronic arts festival.




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