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Chameleon (Audio composition recorded in Marrakesh, Morocco) -
Created for: Fallt Invisible Cities Installation ( Belfast, Ireland )


Invisible Cities is a sound based interative exhibit created and currated by Fallt for the Queen's University, Belfast for Belfast Festival at Queen's 2002. They describe the piece as "'Invisible Cities' offers the opportunity to experience an intimate series of portraits of the world's cities painted with sound". I contributed a 5 min composition based on Marakech, Morocco.

Twenty artists were invited to contribute a five minute audio work inspired by and utilising the sounds of the cities they inhabit. Their contributions range from quiet and contemplative to noisy and frenetic with styles ranging from the pristine digital crackles of Washington DC based artist Richard Chartier (Whitney Biennial, 12k, LINE) to the near-silence of Tokyo based ultra-minimalist *0 (Nosei Sakata).



Chameleon ( Marrakech )-

This is a series of recordings made in 1999 while exploring the streets Marrakesh. A pair of binaural microphones were used to capture the rapid change in sound as I walked from market stall to stall, through traffic, and trough the fabled tourist trap - Djeema El Fna. The title of the piece was inspired by the rapid audio changes that resulted from just taking a few steps in any direction. There also is a portion of the recordings that take place in a chameleon market.









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