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Flow - Project Description:



Flow is my current solo live perfomance project. I am using the tools and techniques I developed for theTEST;project and attempting to control the mayhem as one performer. The show is based on 4 slide projectors for the visual element. The audio is comprised of mixed field recordings and synthesized rhythms.

Flow is a solo performance of a multi sensory "musical composition" based on a custom image and sound instrument. This "live film" contains a narrative that revolves around the performers improvised decisions. It is a visual representation of a complex system of layers of control nodes manipulated by the performer. This complex control system amplifies the performers' actions on a large projection screen and it up to the artist to maintain an exceptional aesthetic while controlling these many nodes. The audience sees the un-reproducable pulsating array of light, sound, and movement.

On the most basic level, the performer memorizes "modules" that can be draw upon so that the only concern on stage is the timing of these modules. Each of the media modules will consist of synchronized loops of video, slide sequences, and looped audio recordings. The modules have been precompiled to work together in their default state. Complexity and variation of the control system begins with the ability to control the rates of these sequenced loops, which loop is playing, and the syncopated rhythm of the loop. Once a base pattern is established, almost unlimited changes can be made to how these modules interact within the system.



Flow will be presented on a single screen with 8 tightly synchronized slide projectors and one video projector occupying the same projection surface. The imagery will be of high contrast geometric shapes with rhythmic animated movement. This graphic imagery composed in such a way as to have the slides and video interact on the screen, rather than compete for attention. The audio is based on field recordings, but is processed to create unrecognizable and mechanical drones that complement the slides and video. Contact mikes and triggers are added to the slide projectors for an extra layer of "live" audio creation.

The performer will present the piece from a position in front of the audience. The control interface is visible and constructed in such a way make the audience aware of what is being done to manipulate the three components of the show. Various body triggers, drum pads, and video cameras on the controls aid in the illustration of the performers' actions. It is important that the audience understands the layers of complexity that are adding throughout the progression of the piece.

The total performance lasts approximately 25 minutes.






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