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Technical Information




The tools that I use to create and execute a performance play a large role in my work. Many of them are custom designed and engineered and as a result I see them as a part of the medium. Unlike the painters brush, the viewer is able to see these tools when experiencing the artwork.





Racked projectors:

I custom built these road cases myself to make my life easier. They're tough, though heavy, and are designed to be mounted on tripods to get the optimum height. I currently use up to 12 projectors mounted in this fashion.

- Kodak Ektagraphic IIIe projectors
- AVL Dove X projector controllers




The Dove Units:

AVL made these units to control 3 projectors using a recorded audio playtrack. Each unit is a computer in itself and controls the projectors independently after a single trigger command. They can be "daisy chained" which goes a long way to cutting down on the amount of cable I have to carry around.




The hardware interface:

II reversed engineered the control code for the Dove X projector controllers. In order to translate serial data from the laptop into this tone based control code, I needed a translator. This box uses a modified SP Controls Smart Panel to do this. It also acts as a video command center with 2 LCD screens.





Projector control:

-- Macintosh Powerbook
-- Macromedia Director
-- Serial Xtra
-- Max / MSP


-- Roland SP-808
-- Sony Mini DIsk
-- Behringer 1604A Mixer




Other fun stuff:

-- Contact Mikes on the projectors.
-- Xkeys programming keyboard.
-- Navitar PC lenses.

-- Lots and lots of slides.




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