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Gregory Cowley b.1970
Visual Artist



Gregory Cowley is a San Francisco based visual artist working in electronic projection media and performance. His tools include a variety of technologies, ranging from traditional arts and photography, to work with electronics and computer technologies. His creations most often exist as performances and time based presentations. He has explored the live performative qualities of the projected image in collaborations with dancers and other performers in theaters, underground venues, and academic gallery settings.

In addition to his interests in travel, culture, and photography, Gregory Cowley has been the driving force behind theTEST:project, a collaborative performance project exploring site, sound, environment and alternative uses for multimedia technology. He is also co-curator and director of the Transcinema Electronic Media Festival, and annual digital arts event bringing together artists from around the world. He is a cofounder of 3feetofftheground – a motion graphics production studio and performance venue. He has cultivated long standing working relationships with San Francisco based art organizations: The Lab, 7hz, and 23five. He has a long-standing working relationship with Blasthaus, the San Francisco based art and technology organization whom with he has partnered to open a new gallery, venue and studio in downtown San Francisco.

Gregory teaches advanced digital media to students at the California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC). While working toward the BFA in Graphic Design, He studied at Lancashire Polytechnic in Preston, England.


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